: Sound synthesis software, using the Csound engine. : The essential site about the volcanic activity of Mt. Etna (Charles Rivière).
Peuples et volcans du monde : (People and volcanoes of the world) An association aimed at heightening people's awareness of the risk posed by volcanoes.

IdleThumb : An alternative source of videogame news.
Grospixels : The French top site in retro gaming.
Chamboultout : An excellent blog about video games. : Website of the writer S.F Laurent Genefort, whose work deserves to be well-known all over the world.
Guillaume El : A french singer to discover, listen ...
Hydropix : A talentous illustrator

Magic Productions : Mobile and Windows XP editor of Another World.
ManaGames : Windows XP developer and author of a tennis game
FoxySofts : Cyril Cogordan's website where you'll find the GBA version.
AmigaForever : An excellent Amiga emulator.

Sgt Pepper (Japan !) : A homage to Outer World