Download - Infos - Version 1.1  

- Windows XP Demo Version -

Basic control :

To play use arrow keys and CTRL-left key.
Click on picture.

Some advice to play :

- Actions are contextual. As an example in the first screen of the game you are underwater, and the arrows allow you to swim. Once on the ground you will walk. In another place they will be used to command a vehicle, etc.

- Another World is an action game, but also a game of logic. Sometimes escape will be more efficient than attack.

Screen resolution :

Set by default to 640x480 pixels. Your computer can probably support a higher resolution. In the options menu you can increase the resolution up to 1280x960 pixels.

Technical issues :

SAITEK keyboards:
Some keyboards are not compatible with some games, one of which is Another World. SAITEK has a workaround to remedy to this issue.

Issue fixed since the version 1.1 :

- Game freezing with Zone Alarm Pro Firewall. Fixed

- Under certain conditions, save point was lost. This is now fixed.

- Timer issue, on some computers after a long period of sleep mode, the game ran very slowly. Fixed.

There are no other issues known at this time.